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The Law Office of David, Longo, Reznik & Co. is a boutique firm established by Attorneys Sagiv David, Igal Longo and Erez Reznik, who are all highly reputable and experienced in their respective fields of specialization.

The firm is comprised of a team of professional and experienced attorneys who possess extensive knowledge in a broad range of legal areas, combined with additional degrees and education in complementary disciplines of economics. The firm provides its clients with dozens of years of cumulative experience in various areas of law, such as Civil-Commercial, Real Estate, Entrepreneurship and Commercial Litigation, and advocates professionalism, creativity and quality customer service to the client, which is expressed, inter alia, through high availability, providing quick response to the client’s needs and meeting the highest standards as required by the firm’s clientele.

Since the firm’s partners each have a distinct specialty, the firm engages in various areas of practice, which include, inter alia, Corporate Law, Franchise Law, Real Estate, Accompaniment of Investments, Mergers and Purchases, Labor Law, International Transactions, Internet and Electronic Commerce Law, Administrative Law, Banking Law, Dissolutions, Receiverships, Corporate Recovery, Insolvency Law, as well as representation in all courts, including management of civil and commercial disputes, and more.

The firm was founded and operates with global international affinity, which stems from understanding its clients’ desire to advance entrepreneurial ventures around the world while receiving devoted accompaniment and guidance. For this reason, the firm is in constant contact, alongside permanent cooperation, with offices around the globe in order to address its clients’ requirements.

The firm’s goal is to harness the abilities of its partners and employees and contribute them toward the success of its clients. In such dynamic legal and business environments, which become more complex and challenging every day, the firm’s ambition is to assist its clients in successfully overcoming the complicated problems and challenges they face, in order to achieve their commercial goals, while ensuring uncompromising legal professionalism.

Adv. Sagiv David

Adv. Sagiv David – Attorney since 1996. He received his LL.B from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is a member of the Israel Bar Association with more than 18 years of experience.

Adv. Sagiv David specializes in all aspects of commercial law, including legal consultation and representation of local and foreign companies in all legal areas associated with their business activities and needs.

Adv. Sagiv David has extensive experience with a wide array of commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, technology agreements, investment agreements, due diligence, international transactions in various fields, representation of international corporation’s agencies  in Israel, handling complex real estate deals and representing contractors and property owners.

Adv. Sagiv David also has extensive experience with internet and electronic commerce law and specializes in representing entrepreneurs, companies and investors in this field, while accompanying ventures from the idea stage and all throughout their business development, including establishment of the legal framework necessary to operate these projects, establishing companies in Israel and abroad, protection via patents and trademarks, stock option plans for employees and consultants and assistance with capital raising and private equity investments.

Adv. Sagiv David’s clients include Israeli companies, foreign companies, businessmen, entrepreneurs, contractors and international corporations.

Adv. Sagiv David interned with the IDF’s Military Advocate General during his military service, as part of the Chief Military Defense, and held several command positions with the Military Advocate General. Currently, as part of his reserve service, Adv. Sagiv David serves as a Military Defense Counsel.


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Adv. Erez Reznik

Adv. Erez Reznik – Attorney since 1999. He received his LL.B from the University of Haifa and is a member of the Israel Bar Association with 15 years of experience.

Adv. Erez Reznik was a partner in the law offices of Haim, Zadok & Co., where he was in charge of the litigation department and coordinated the handling of complex legal claims for the firm’s clients.

Adv. Erez Reznik specializes in various types of complex litigation proceedings in all courts, including contractual disputes, shareholder disputes, administrative appeals and tender law.

Simultaneously, Adv. Erez Reznik has gained extensive experience with a wide range of commercial transactions, corporate law, complex technology agreements and entrepreneurial ventures in which Adv. Reznik represents large business entities in their commercial activities and needs.

Adv. Erez Reznik’s clients include banking institutions, contractors, industrial companies, technology companies and independent businessmen operating in various fields and to whom he provides the wide range of legal services they require.


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Adv. Igal Longo

Adv. Igal Longo – Attorney since 1999. He received his LL.B from the University of Haifa and is a member of the Israel Bar Association.

Adv. Igal Longo has extensive knowledge and specializes in all aspects of franchise law, including continuous consultation and representation of chains and franchises in all legal areas of the chain-franchise relationship, as well as their legal activities with third-parties.

Adv. Igal Longo has extensive experience and specializes in all matters pertaining to managements companies of shared properties, for all types of buildings, including continuous consultation to the leading property management firms in Israel and owners regarding all legal areas in connection with management companies, management of shared property in various types of buildings and representation throughout complex legal proceedings pertaining to management companies.

Adv. Igal Longo also specializes in handling complex civil litigation proceedings of any kind in all courts, including injunctions, various types of temporary procedures, administrative appeals and intellectual property claims. Adv. Igal Longo also specializes in labor and employment law and the representation of employers and employees in all courts of the labor court system. Adv. Igal Longo distinctly specializes in crisis management and conflict resolution between corporate partners and partnerships and ensuring resolution via negotiations or legal proceedings if necessary, while applying sophisticated tactics to achieve his clients’ goals.

Simultaneously, Adv. Igal Longo gained extensive experience with a wide range of commercial transactions, technology agreements, investment agreements, due diligence, corporate law, complex real estate transactions and entrepreneurial ventures.

Adv. Igal Longo has also gained extensive and successful experience as a mediator for resolving complex disputes.

Adv. Igal Longo’s clients include public companies, security companies, investment firms, technology companies and businessmen who operate in various fields, to whom he provides the wide range of legal services they require.


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Adv. Reut Fridman

Adv. Reut Fridman – Completed her LL.B at the University of Bar Ilan (Summa Cum Laude; 2007 – 2011). As part of her studies, Adv. Fridman was active in a women’s aid clinic and assisted single claimants in the Regional Labor Court of Tel Aviv through the HaLev BaMishpat Foundation. Additionally, Adv. Fridman was active in Bar Ilan’s SWU chapter, which operates for Israeli diplomacy across the world and establishes student projects for Israeli publicity.

Adv. Fridman interned at the State Attorney’s Tel Aviv District with the head of the Labor Dispute Department. As part of her internship, Adv. Fridman represented various government ministries through dozens of cases in a wide range of areas pertaining to labor law. Additionally, Adv. Fridman independently handled many case files in various areas, including family law, administrative law and tort law and represented various ministries in all courts of law.

Following her internship, Adv. Fridman worked at a firm that handles matters of insolvency, litigation and real estate. Her main roles included managing bankruptcy cases and representing the special administrator in various cases accompanied by the official receiver, as well as providing representation in various litigation cases. Adv. Fridman also dealt with corporate dissolutions and representation of plaintiffs throughout these proceedings.

Later, Adv. Fridman worked at a firm that specializes in real estate where she handled a wide array of real estate transactions, including operations with various government ministries, such as: Land Registration Office, Land Tax Authority and various other authorities.

As part of her work with David, Longo, Reznik & Co., Adv. Fridman operates in a variety of areas, e.g., insolvency, litigation, commercial litigation, labor law, real estate, commercial agreements and more.


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Adv. Shlomo Berg

 Adv. Shlomo Berg is an Attorney at Law as of the year 2000. He finished his B.A. studies in Film & TV in the University of Tel-Aviv with Coma con Laude.

He also finished his L.L.B studies in the University of Tel-Aviv and is now about to finish his master degree in Jurisprudence. Adv. Berg is a member of the Israeli Bar Association.

Adv. Berg did his internship in the Israeli Law Firm of the latest Adv. Shemuel Tamir, ex Israel Minister of Justice, where he became a member thereafter for several years.

Adv. Berg specializes in many aspects of international law, such as: Maritime Law, the Law of the Sea, Aviation Law, international transportation and trade, international distribution and marketing agreements and multi national entities.

In those areas of occupation Adv. Berg represented Israeli and foreign shipping companies as well as fright forwarders and trading corp, to mention just few.

In addition Adv. Berg represented also some start-up and hi-tech companies which an international activities.

Adv. Berg represented such comp as of their establishment through their developing and growth, including representation in investment rounds between them and local, as well as foreign, investors and including opening for them daughter comp(s) abroad and in times of necessity also representing them in legal procedures (including in the Israeli Supreme Court) as well as in local and international Arbitrations and Mediation procedures.



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Commercial law

Our firm represents many clients across a broad business sector, including companies, partnerships and independent businessmen, in various legal areas, e.g., various types of commercial agreements, investments, mergers and acquisitions, technology contracts, due diligence, preparation of expert legal opinions, legal consultation and accompaniment in the field of labor law, establishment of companies and partnerships, continuous consultation to executives and more.

Additionally, our firm provides its clients with continuous legal consultation and accompaniment in preparation and evaluation of requests for tenders, including all documents necessary for submission as part of the tender and petitions pertaining to this field, while handling legal proceedings in the Supreme Court and courts for administrative matters.

As part of our firm’s expertise in the field of commercial law, our firm distinctly specializes in business transactions in the security sector, which includes representation of security corporations in various areas.



Our firm specializes in handling complex litigation proceedings in all courts, arbitration proceedings, mediation proceedings and before the authorities. The litigation cases handled by the firm deal with various aspects of civil-commercial law, with an emphasis on complex commercial litigation and administrative litigation. Among other matters, our firm handles litigation in the following areas: contracts, companies, shareholder disputes, derivative claims, removal of discrimination and class action suits, securities, real estate, banking, intellectual property, public administration, requests for tenders, planning and construction, labor, insurance, convalescence, settlement and dissolution and more. Due to its expertise, the firm handles litigation cases worth tens of millions of NIS, which include complex legal proceedings that require expertise and extensive knowledge alongside personal attention.


Real Estate

Our firm specializes in the accompaniment of various types of real estate transactions, simple or complex, and in the representation of contractors and property holders, sale and purchase of yield bearing properties, lease of commercial properties, combination transactions, evacuation-building projects, changes in land-use assignment, TAMA 38, banking accompaniment and mortgages, authorized persons and protected tenancy. Our firm accompanies the entrepreneurs in this field, from the stages of initiation and drafting contractual agreements to purchase property, accompaniment of outline plans and their approval by planning institutions, including the Israel Land Authority, local councils, etc. to handling banking procedures for these projects, drafting contractual agreements to sell the properties built, registering condominiums and representation before the various tax authorities (betterment tax, property tax, purchase tax, income tax, VAT, property rates, levies, etc.). Our firm also handles proceedings before the Land Registration Offices, including registration of condominiums, correction of condominium registration orders, etc. Our firm has extensive experience with planning and construction laws and local council laws. Our firm also handles legal disputes over real estate, including real estate partnership dissolutions, property rights claims, evacuation claims, objection proceedings before the planning and construction authorities, protests and appeals of decisions made by various committees in the local councils, which also includes appeals before the courts. As part of this practice area, our firm distinctly specializes in legal representation and accompaniment of companies for joint purchases of real estate properties. Among our clients are some of the largest asset management companies in the Israeli market.


Franchise Law

Our firm represents chains and franchisees in all areas in which chains and franchisees are engaged. Among other matters, our firm deals with the preparation and handling of various types of franchise agreements, agreements for establishing franchise businesses, lease and management agreements with commercial malls as required in order to operate franchise businesses inside malls, negotiations with banks to receive financing for establishing franchise businesses and continuous consultation to both the franchise chains and the franchisees on matters of establishing, managing and operating the franchise business. Our firm’s attorneys, especially Attorney Igal Longo, are recommended by the Entrepreneurship Development Center (MATI) and Franex, the leading experts in Israel in the field of franchises.


Internet and Electronic Commerce Law

Our firm specializes in the area of internet and electronic commerce with an emphasis on representing and accompanying entrepreneurs, companies and investors in the field. Among our clients are companies in Israel and abroad, leaders in their field, which include companies that engage in electronic marketing and commerce, internet media, electronic commerce, social networks, online games, development companies and more. Our experience and extensive knowledge of client requirements in this area allow us to accompany the entrepreneurs in this field from the idea stage and throughout all of the company’s business development stages, e.g., establishment, continuous legal consultation, protection via patents and trademarks, stock option plans for employees and consultants, company transactions and assistance in raising capital and planning. Our firm has successfully accompanied financing rounds, as well as various merger and acquisition transactions of companies in this field.


International Transactions

Our firm was, and currently is, involved in various international transactions across diverse fields. Among other matters, the firm handles the representation of real estate investors groups abroad (USA, Georgia and Romania). The firm handles large scale construction deals abroad and international companies that manage businesses in a wide array of activities across the world and in Israel. Our firm has extensive experience and specializes in representing international corporate missions in Israel. Our firm also has extensive experience and knowledge in international mining and mine transactions and the firm represented, and currently represents, mining and mine development and investment companies in matters of operating, financing and commercializing mines across the globe, including the USA and Australia.


Insolvency Law (Dissolution and Bankruptcy)

Our firm distinctly specializes in managing dissolution and bankruptcy procedures for independent persons and companies, including the representation of all types of creditors in insolvency proceedings. Additionally, our firm distinctly specializes in preparing business entities in advance for insolvency situations, by dealing with various creditors on all levels of credit and arrangements with debtors.


Intellectual Property

Our firm engages in the field of intellectual property and handles proceedings for trademark and design registration, as well as objection proceedings for trademark and design registration, before the Israeli Trademarks Registrar and all courts. As part of said proceedings, our firm has garnered honorable achievements and rulings given by the Israeli Trademark Registrar in favor of our clients serve as references in many proceedings in this field. Our firm also handles various kinds of copyright protection and has even filed claims and motions for injunctions in order to protect the copyrights of artists across a wide range of areas. Our success has brought forth cessations in copyright infringements and recovered significant compensations for our clients.


Family and Inheritance Law

Our firm handles family and inheritance law. As part of this activity, our firm exclusively focuses on drafting financial agreements between partners, prenuptial and divorce agreements, wills, inheritance order claims and order of probate claims, as well as handling legal proceedings for inheritance and probate procedures. Our firm also engages in management of legal disputes (pecuniary and proprietary), between heirs and family members and in this field our firm has reached outstanding achievements by which our attorneys rescinded unlawful endowments and wills that were drafted by undue influence over testators.


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