Adv. Erez Reznik

Adv. Erez Reznik – Attorney since 1999. He received his LL.B from the University of Haifa and is a member of the Israel Bar Association with 15 years of experience.

Adv. Erez Reznik was a partner in the law offices of Haim, Zadok & Co., where he was in charge of the litigation department and coordinated the handling of complex legal claims for the firm’s clients.

Adv. Erez Reznik specializes in various types of complex litigation proceedings in all courts, including contractual disputes, shareholder disputes, administrative appeals and tender law.

Simultaneously, Adv. Erez Reznik has gained extensive experience with a wide range of commercial transactions, corporate law, complex technology agreements and entrepreneurial ventures in which Adv. Reznik represents large business entities in their commercial activities and needs.

Adv. Erez Reznik’s clients include banking institutions, contractors, industrial companies, technology companies and independent businessmen operating in various fields and to whom he provides the wide range of legal services they require.