Office Profile​

The Law Office of David, Longo, Reznik & Co. is a boutique firm established by Attorneys Sagiv David, Igal Longo and Erez Reznik, who are all highly reputable and experienced in their respective fields of specialization.

The firm is comprised of a team of professional and experienced attorneys who possess extensive knowledge in a broad range of legal areas, combined with additional degrees and education in complementary disciplines of economics. The firm provides its clients with dozens of years of cumulative experience in various areas of law, such as Civil-Commercial, Real Estate, Entrepreneurship and Commercial Litigation, and advocates professionalism, creativity and quality customer service to the client, which is expressed, inter alia, through high availability, providing quick response to the client’s needs and meeting the highest standards as required by the firm’s clientele.

Since the firm’s partners each have a distinct specialty, the firm engages in various areas of practice, which include, inter alia, Corporate Law, Franchise Law, Real Estate, Accompaniment of Investments, Mergers and Purchases, Labor Law, International Transactions, Internet and Electronic Commerce Law, Administrative Law, Banking Law, Dissolutions, Receiverships, Corporate Recovery, Insolvency Law, as well as representation in all courts, including management of civil and commercial disputes, and more.

The firm was founded and operates with global international affinity, which stems from understanding its clients’ desire to advance entrepreneurial ventures around the world while receiving devoted accompaniment and guidance. For this reason, the firm is in constant contact, alongside permanent cooperation, with offices around the globe in order to address its clients’ requirements.

The firm’s goal is to harness the abilities of its partners and employees and contribute them toward the success of its clients. In such dynamic legal and business environments, which become more complex and challenging every day, the firm’s ambition is to assist its clients in successfully overcoming the complicated problems and challenges they face, in order to achieve their commercial goals, while ensuring uncompromising legal professionalism.