Real Estate

Our firm specializes in the accompaniment of various types of real estate transactions, simple or complex, and in the representation of contractors and property holders, sale and purchase of yield bearing properties, lease of commercial properties, combination transactions, evacuation-building projects, changes in land-use assignment, TAMA 38, banking accompaniment and mortgages, authorized persons and protected tenancy. Our firm accompanies the entrepreneurs in this field, from the stages of initiation and drafting contractual agreements to purchase property, accompaniment of outline plans and their approval by planning institutions, including the Israel Land Authority, local councils, etc. to handling banking procedures for these projects, drafting contractual agreements to sell the properties built, registering condominiums and representation before the various tax authorities (betterment tax, property tax, purchase tax, income tax, VAT, property rates, levies, etc.). Our firm also handles proceedings before the Land Registration Offices, including registration of condominiums, correction of condominium registration orders, etc. Our firm has extensive experience with planning and construction laws and local council laws. Our firm also handles legal disputes over real estate, including real estate partnership dissolutions, property rights claims, evacuation claims, objection proceedings before the planning and construction authorities, protests and appeals of decisions made by various committees in the local councils, which also includes appeals before the courts. As part of this practice area, our firm distinctly specializes in legal representation and accompaniment of companies for joint purchases of real estate properties. Among our clients are some of the largest asset management companies in the Israeli market.